Free People of Color - Loudoun County, VA in the 1850 Census - surnames beginning with "N"

Nakes         Isaac          50    M    B    Labourer                Virginia                            

 Newman         Ann            28    F                               Virginia                             

Newman         Bassell        28    M    B    Labourer                Virginia                            

Newman         Bassell        71    M    B    Boatsman       1,000     Virginia                            

Newman         Betsey         28    F                               Virginia                       No color listed

Newman         Cornelia       41    F    U           Virginia                             Color unreadable

Newman         Hezikiah       63    M    B    Labour                   Virginia                            

Newman         Joseph         8     M    M                           Virginia                            

Newman         Lewis          8     M                               Virginia                             

Newman         Margaret       4     F    M                           Virginia                            

Newman         Maria          29    F    B                           Virginia                            

 Newman         Nancy           45    F                               Virginia                            

 Newman         Perciller      4     F    B                           Virginia                            

Newman         Phebe          32    F                               Virginia                             No color listed

 Newman         Rebecca        5     F                               Virginia                            

Newman         Rebecca        5     F    M                           Virginia                            

Newman         Ricd           7     M    B                           Virginia                            

Newman         Robt           41    M    B              Virginia                             No occupation listed

Newman         Sophy          10    F    M                           Virginia                            

Newman         Wilson          25    M    B         Virginia             No occupation listed

Nickans        Jas            21    M    B    Labour                  Virginia                             

Nickans        Jno            2     M    B                           Virginia                            

Nickans        Luisa          23    F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickans        Nancy           4     F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Barney         55    M    B    Labourer                Virginia                            

Nickens        Betsey         18    F    M                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Betsy          11    F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Cornelius      6     M    M                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Henry          20    M    M    Labourer                Virginia                            

Nickens        Jane           7     F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Jno            4/12  M    M                            Virginia                            

Nickens        Liddy          38    F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Mary           2     F    B                           Virginia                             

Nickens        Mary           40    F    M                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Ricd           50    M    B    Cooper         150       Virginia                            

Nickens        Saml           11    M    M                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Thos           14    M    B                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Thos           4     M    M                           Virginia                             

Nickens        Tucker         3/12  M    M                           Virginia                            

Nickens        Violet         55    F    B                           Virginia                            

Nickons        Jane           25    F    M                           Virginia                            

Nickons        Kitty          46    F    M                           Virginia                            

Nickons        Lucretia       5     F    M                            Virginia                            

Nickons        Martha         7/12  F    M                           Virginia                            

Nickons        Thos           51    M    B    Labour         Virginia     Familes/Pages are out of order

Nigger         Lucy           35    F    B                           Virginia                            

Nion          Nelly          70    F    B                           Virginia                            

Norris         Betsy          48    F    B                            Virginia                            

Norris         Frank          50    M    B    Labour                  Virginia                            

Norris        Frank          50    M    B    Laborer                 Virginia                             

Norris        John           8     M    B                           Virginia                            

Norris        Mary           75    F    B                           Virginia                            

Norris        Molly          6     F    B                           Virginia                            

Norris        Sally          45    F    B                           Virginia                            

Norris        William        90    M    B                           Virginia            No occupation listed

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