are guardian spirits.

The Lucumi Yoruba believe in one Higher Power. 

  They call him  Olodumare.

They believe that each person

 has a Guardian Spirit called an "Orisha".

Orisha are aspects of the Supreme Being 

that are manifested as forces of nature. 

When Yoruba slaves were brought to the New World

 they brought their beliefs with them. 

This belief system is known  as Lukumi in Cuba,

and Puerto Rico, though it is often 

referred to as "Santeria".

 These beliefs are known as Candomble in Brazil,

  and Shango Baptist in Trinidad. 


Click on the names of the Orisha  below

 to read more about individual Orisha.

Elegua    Obatala   Orunmila

Ochosi  Ogun   Osun   Shango

Yemaya      Oya      Ochun



If you are interested in become a part of the religion, or doing a paper for school, you may want  to read the  FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) about Orisha worship.  Suggest strongly if you want to practice this faith you  read Advice to Newcomers

To learn more about Orisha  you can also go to our  links page

 where you will find many related websites

with additional information and in-depth reading materials

I am currently working on a page of herbs and plants used in both Orisha and Palo traditions in the New World.



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