Our Goats

Fawn and Billy in their stable


Billy on tether - posing


    Fawn - who won't let me get a good pic


The new kids - born Feb 1, 2004


The first born kid - licking its leg



  The youngest kid - resting



Feb 6, 2004

Nadhiyr  decided to name the goats.  The boy he named Jazz - after his favorite music, and the girl he named Lindy, after the famous dance the Lindy Hop.

Nadhiyr and Jazz - posing 


Fawn and her kids


Jazz and sister Lindy. 

Jazz was wethered to keep Billy company, and Lindy lives in Woodstock now - happily ruling other females. 

     Fawn says "I hope you like my kids"


update 2005

We added another female goat Cleo - who died of food poisoning - but who had twins during Easter week. Fawn had triplets the same week.  All five were female.

Nadhiyr named them: Jellybean, Jessica, Marshmallow,  Cocoa Puff, & Canela.

We also are boarding Mr. B, Billy's son - who goes out to stud, and a new female.

So now we have 9.  Will post pics in a few days.