Terreiro continued ...

Another central place of the terreiro is the kitchen, where all meals are prepared, and many are eaten, except for the food for Iyawos in the "ronko" which is the room where new initiates are sequestered for close to a month. 


                            fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen

I loved the food - Brazil has rich fertile soil and though tropical - there are many temperate regions.  I ate and drank an amazing variety of items - some which I had never had before - like cashew juice.  Mangos, papayas, avocados, and many types of bananas grow at the terreiro.


close-up of Iyawo mugs and plates


the stoves

A shrimp dish.  Most meals also included rice and feijoada (black beans with pork)


As an African-American I found it interesting that we frequently ate collard greens and corn bread.


Outside the barracao - there are many other structures at the terreiro.  The Iyawo house was connected to the barracao by a covered walkway.  The food for the Iyawo is prepared in a separate kitchen.

                                          walk connecting barrac„o to Iyawo house                              



                                     Iyawo house and laundry

Orisha houses


Orishas are housed in separate buildings that are not open to the public nor do ile members enter unless their Orisha is housed within.


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