Iyn As Orin

Yoruba Choral Group of the Il Ax Omin


The Choral group project started after the publication in 2001 of  two books - both by Dr. Jose Flavio Pessoa de Barros which included cds of sacred music sung in Yoruba by Lucinha Pessoa and some godchildren of the Il Ax Omin.   The book project brought about the desire to spread the knowledge of Yoruba music in Brazil, and the choral group was formed.

I attended several rehearsals of the group and a performance at a Conference on Afro-Brazilian religion and the environment (see pictures from the conference on the next page), where the choral group received a standing ovation.


Iya Ile Lucinha Pessoa practices her solo


 choral practice session


singers taking a break

                                               male singers smile for my camera


 Aduni Benton, Production Director



the drummers practice with the group


                Group performance at the Cultural Center of the Federal Justice Department June 8, 2006




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Denise Oliver-Velez