Conference session on Sacred Spaces


I got a chance to attend part of a conference where Dr. Jose Flavio Pessoa de Barros presented a paper, and where the choral group performed afterwards. The conference also included an art exhibit, poster presentations, and round-table group discussions - and included government officials, academics, environmentalists and activists from the Candomble and Umbanda communities.

Panelists Jose Flavio Pessoa de Barros and Aderbal Moreira Costa,  Ashogun,  Omu Aro Cultural Company 


I found it interesting that many of the same issues being addressed in Brazil about the use of sacred spaces (parks and nature) have come up in discussions between and among Lukumi and African-traditional practitioners here in the US in regards to disposal of ritual materials and becoming conscious of the fact that since this is a belief system based in nature, that priests and practitioners need to become more conscious of environmental preservation.

Other areas discussed included environmental racism - the conflict that occurs when Afro-Brazilian religions have to deal with government agencies who ostensibly have control over nature areas which were preserved by enslaved Africans and their descendants.






                 Activist Iyalorisha  Mae Beata de Yemaya, Alaketu Nation


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