"Rock Gardening" in the Hudson Valley


Hudson Valley gardening has one major obstacle - rocks, rocks and more rocks.

Denise swings her pick


For the last month all I've done is dig, sift and amend soil.  I've carried out over 20 wheelbarrows full of rocks and no end in sight.  My blisters have blisters, my back aches and I should buy stock in Motrin.

Plus we had  hundreds of old broken bricks laying around on the property - so rather than spend more money buying edging decided to use the rocks and bricks to begin to lay out my flowerbeds.



using the rocks dug up in the bed to make borders, plus old bricks


old well cover and bricks used to edge new bed by the back porch and in front of the guesthouse

While digging out a bed near the tool shed I encountered an obstacle

A giant boulder!

It took me half a day to dig around it - and then our two godsons who were working on the barn - Nestor and Miguel - helped Nadhiyr get it out of the hole.

 Miguel and Nestor with "The Rock" (estimated weight 400 lbs)


Maybe one day I'll actually have flowers!

(I now have flowers)  two years later:

Saugerties Garden 2006


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