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Welcome to my shekere workshop.

My name is Nadhiyr Velez, Ode Lade.  I am a priest of the Orisha Ochosi in the Lucumi Yoruba religion and a shekere maker and player.

The shekere is a percussion instrument made from a gourd with a beaded skirt.  The instrument was originally from Africa but is now used in Afro-Caribbean, Jazz, Salsa, and other popular music.

Every gourd used to make a shekere is different and unique.  No two are alike.  Most of the gourds used in shekere making are called "bottle gourds" because of their shape.

The gourds must be opened, cleaned, scraped, and then sealed inside with polyurethane in order to increase their resonance and tone.

Then a skirt is made - strung with either plastic, glass, metal and wooden beads, or shells.

I specialize in shekere's made to order in the colors and patterns used to honor and play music for the Orisha's.

Shekeres for Ogun and Yemaya

 Here are some of my recent shekeres.   Click on the thumbnail to see full-sized:

Agbe for Oya copy.JPG (122734 bytes)                Ibu Anya copy.JPG (123002 bytes)               Obatala copy.JPG (156992 bytes)               Yemaya1 copy.JPG (126683 bytes)               Yemaya Asesu copy.JPG (138637 bytes)

If you are interested in ordering a shekere, please contact me at:  


Prices range from $85.00 to $150.00 for small to medium size shekeres depending on size and bead pattern.

Larger "agbes" vary in price starting at $175.00.

I play shekere and other instruments in both secular and religious settings, and teach both playing and construction.  If you are interested in learning to play  or craft a shekere and live in or near the Hudson Valley region of NY, feel free to contact me about classes.  Beginners and children are welcome.

I also am available for school presentations and performances.  I specialize in teaching  Afro-Latino history through music, and have done many performances in schools, day-camps, and other community venues for Kwanza, Black History Month, and Latino history celebrations.


Thank you for visiting my shop.




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