Orisha clothing


When a Iyawo or Elegun is mounted with Orisha in trance possession during a feast or shire, they are taken from the room by Ekedis and dressed in ritual clothes, which consist of many layers, and are accompanied by ritual objects for that specific Orisha.  It takes years of training to learn the specific details for each Orisha, and many weeks and months of work crafting the elaborate clothing and crowns, called "Ades", in Yoruba.


Iya Lucinha is a master designer, artist and seamstress she honored me by taking out a lot of the ritual clothing, and allowing me to photograph it.


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Osainyin clothes.JPG (773112 bytes)        logun ade2.JPG (586199 bytes)     logunede clothes.JPG (572748 bytes)                       Ochosi hat.JPG (756102 bytes)    Ochun clothes.JPG (744506 bytes)     Obatala Ade.JPG (781612 bytes)



Oya Ade.JPG (621880 bytes)      Oya ade 2.JPG (681598 bytes)       Oya clothes.JPG (720024 bytes)      Oya clothes2.JPG (757434 bytes)    Oya clothes3.JPG (706726 bytes)     yemaya ade.JPG (688284 bytes)



yemaya clothes.JPG (725924 bytes)      oya detail.JPG (762586 bytes)      oya skirts.JPG (767462 bytes)


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Denise Oliver-Velez